Loreto Sealdah welcomes Volunteers to help out in the various areas of school life.

General Information:

  • We can only accept Volunteers of 20 years or over unless they come in a school / other group properly supervised by responsible adults and with a letter of recommendation from their Principal.
  • All Volunteers have to be properly insured as we can take no responsibility for accidents, illness etc, although we will do our best to be helpful and caring.
  • All Volunteers should take the appropriate inoculations in consultation with their doctor and ensure that they have all the necessary medication or other personal needs with them. However, India has an excellent medical service with easy access.
  • No Volunteer should raise money in the name of Loreto in Ireland without applying to The Principal for an appropriate sanction letter.
  • Should they find it necessary to send more than one email when corresponding with the Principal, they must please append all previous correspondence (both their own emails and Principal’s answers).
  • They are requested to keep such emails to a minimum and not to send repeat emails unless they are clearly marked duplicate.