To East and West of that fair isle
Where the first Loreto stands
Loreto’s banner now doth fly in many distant lands.
In sunny Spain, on Affric’s strand
And under the Southern Cross
And westward ho, where rainbow-hued.
Niagara’s waters toss

Chorus Loreto’s banner gaily floats In lands both East and West
Loreto’s name each girl reveres
And holds it ever blest

But first Loreto found a home beneath our Indian skies
Where now o’er plain and mountain peak
The well loved banner flies.
Loreto’s standard bearers we in girlhood’s springtime gay.
O may we e’er be loyal and true
To the school friends of today.

And when our school days ended are
And our varied paths divide
O may the ideals of our youth
Still ever be our guide
High ideals of purity, of duty and of truth
Learnt while we bore Loreto’s flag in the sunny days of youth.