The senior and junior sections of Loreto Sealdah have a system of Houses – six houses of senior school are:

  • St. Thomas
  • St. Michael
  • St. Patrick
  • St. Frances
  • Mary Ward
  • Teresa Ball

There are four Houses in junior school:

  • Gandhi
  • Nehru
  • Netaji
  • Tagore

Every class in the junior and senior schools is divided into four and six even groups respectively for this. These are managed by elected house captains and vice captains and guided by House Mistresses.

Houses have weekly meetings on Wednesdays and inter-house competitions at least once a month. There are continuous assessments of houses which are awarded points for responsibility, service, attendance, punctuality, overall discipline and performance in competitions. All these are added up to ultimately decide the winner of the Best House Cup at the end of the year.

The senior school who has a total of 13 clubs (namely English and Bengali Literary club, Western and Eastern music club, Eco club, Invention club, Quiz and Current affairs club, Debating club, Dramatics club, Film club, Sports club, Painting club and Art and Craft club) to nurture and harness the interests and talents of the children in different areas. Clubs meet on Fridays (2 pm to 3 pm) to engage in a host of weekly activities, presentations and performances designed specifically to arouse and channelize the passions and energies of children into creative and constructive avenues. Events and programs are organized to showcase the work talents of the children.

Both the Houses and Clubs successfully instill and develop children’s essential skills like self expression, collaboration, problem solving, entrepreneurship, management and ensure the overall development of the student body and most important school resource.